A number of tools and technologies have been developed recently that improve how people interact with machines as a result of substantial improvements in artificial intelligence (AI) during the past few years. The complex language model known as ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, is one such outstanding innovation. With an unprecedented level of interactivity and support, ChatGPT uses the power of AI to engage in thoughtful and logical dialogues with users.

In this article we will talk about best chat GPT prompts in 2023. In order to communicate with the user like a human, ChatGPT by OpenAI uses Natural Language Processing (NLP). It only allows text responses to ‘prompts,’ or text inputs. The features that set it apart from the competition are its ability to generate code in accordance with provided specifications and its ability to provide a very descriptive response to any kind of inquiry, whether it be one that is too specific or specialised for a given domain or one that pertains to a job, education, or entertainment. Additionally, it can act as an interpreter or compiler and debug the code provided as input. 

Since Natural Language prompts are accepted by ChatGPT, we frequently receive more exact and accurate responses if we use more descriptive prompts. It’s comparable to including additional information in an address so that you can more precisely go to your destination.

What is ChatGPT ?

Fundamentally, ChatGPT is a conversation-focused member of OpenAI’s GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) range of artificial intelligence tools. In order to handle natural language interpretation and creation tasks, GPT models are constructed on a transformer architecture, an artificial neural network framework that excels at processing sequences of input.

By optimising the model using a massive amount of conversational data, ChatGPT elevates this kind of structure to the next level. This procedure allows the model to produce data that not only follows proper grammar rules but also flows naturally and is appropriate for the given context. An AI language model which can participate in lively and realistic talks about a variety of subjects is the end result.

Now, the issue of how to word the “prompt” to elicit more exact and correct responses comes up. In order to help software developers, we’ve listed some of the best chat GPT prompts.

best chat GPT prompts in 2023 For Software Developers

1. Explain

Learning new skills and applying them quickly are essential to software development. By outlining the necessary principles, ChatGPT can assist us in this area. Use the explain prompt to comprehend a topic, a line of code, or, for example, the time or space complexity of an algorithm. ChatGPT responds with a thorough response.

Describe how the “concept or function” in “programming language” operates.

best chat GPT prompts in 2023

Explain the function of the following code snippet in the programming language.

best chat GPT prompts in 2023

Explain the programming language’s (code snippet) complexity in terms of time and space of the following code.

best chat GPT prompts in 2023

2. Syntax

A wide range of tech stacks are used by software developers. Therefore, it becomes challenging to recall the syntax of each language and technology when picking up a new stack. Here, chatGPT steps in to the rescue by giving the proper syntax for programming language elements along with pertinent examples. 

What is the correct syntax in a “programming language” for a “statement or function”?

best chat GPT prompts in 2023

3. Fix the Bug

Finding problems in the code takes up a sizable portion of software development time. In addition to impeding productivity, it also causes a delay in the delivery of code. One can quickly identify the code error and receive help debugging using this prompt.

The programming language code that follows says “explains the functioning,” how can I repair it? a “code snippet”

best chat GPT prompts in 2023

4. The Best Practice

While coding, it’s crucial to be aware of the best practises in the field. This facilitates reading the code and aids in maintaining the codebase as the company expands. 

We can ask ChatGPT to provide a list of guidelines and recommendations to adhere to when programming in a specific programming language.

Give me the best examples of how to write a “concept or function” in a “programming language.”

5. Optimise

Writing the most resource-efficient code is always advised because it enhances programme performance and promotes resource conservation.

Using ChatGPT, we can optimise a piece of code.

Improve the “programming language” code that “explains the functioning” by using: Coding snippet

Example: Optimising for the least amount of lines of code

Example: Time complexity-based optimisation

6. Create code

On the basis of the specifications given in the input, ChatGPT is able to compose a piece of code for us. Here, outlining the requirements is essential to achieving the intended outcomes.

In a programming language, create a programme or function to “explain functionality.”

7. Conversion of Code

We frequently have to translate a particular code between programming languages. When a company updates its tech stack, it could happen. Knowing how the same task is implemented in another language might be beneficial while learning a brand-new programming language.

Convert the code from programming language 1 to programming language 2 for the following: Coding snippet

8. Make ChatGPT Act as an Interpreter

ChatGPT also capable of roleplaying as an interpreter or compiler. We can accomplish this without downloading anything. As a result, we may write the code directly in the browser. It can be used to learn new commands or to test and experiment with them.

Act like an interpreter or compiler for a “programming language,” please. You will execute the “programming language” code that I will provide to you. Give no justifications, please. Do not provide any other response than the code’s output. The initial code is: “code.”

9. Web design consultation

In order to give our website a better first appearance without enlisting the actual assistance of the design team, we can ask chatGPT for any advice on the UI/UX design. 

You are to be my web design consultant. Your task will be to suggest the best user interface and features that will enhance user experience while still fulfilling the organisation’s goals for a company that needs help revamping or constructing its website. Develop a thorough plan for the project using the UX/UI design ideas, coding languages, website development tools, etc. that you are familiar with. My initial inquiry is, “I need assistance creating a website type.”

10. Provide a Framework

Prior to beginning a project, it is crucial to select the appropriate framework or library. A lot of the time, selecting a framework is challenging. However, we can use chatGPT to gain a concept. 

Can you recommend a front-end library or framework that would be useful for my website? I’m creating a website of this nature.

11. Create Code Comments

When building a programme, writing comments is crucial. These aid in later comprehension of the operation of a certain function or code block and can aid new hires in learning the codebase. We can create suitable comments for a particular code snippet with the aid of ChatGPT.

Please regenerate the code below, but don’t forget to add comments to each line.

12. Making Readme Files 

The readme file, which is a crucial component of a repository, describes the project’s goals as well as any download and usage instructions. A strong readme can draw more users to your repository.

Create documentation for the following code. You should describe what the code does in detail, provide step-by-step instructions for a developer to run it locally, and highlight any security holes in the code. Enter the code

13. Make a Dataset

The dataset is crucial when working on machine learning projects. We can utilise ChatGPT to produce data in the format you want and quantity if we are unable to discover a suitable dataset or need extra data to train our model.

Create a “type of dataset” dataset with “fields” that includes “fields” and “n” data points about “service or product”

14. Web Scraping

Data collection from websites is done using web scraping. The same can be done in the following manner using chatGPT:

Python and Beautifulsoup are used to web scrape data from the specified URL.

15. Stage of Planning

To be able to respond appropriately, we must plan for any potential difficulties we may encounter, the anticipated expense, and the timetable before we begin the job. By providing the necessary information, ChatGPT can assist in defining the project’s needs and scope.

I need assistance with [particular task/challenge] as I design my software development project. Following are some project specifics: Briefly describe the objectives, conditions, schedule, team, and hazards.

I’m interested in your thoughts on: [Include details such as software design, resource management, feature prioritisation, and scalability planning].

To assist me in making effective plans, kindly offer your suggestions.

16. Stage of Analysis: Create the SRS document

To create the SRS document in accordance with the project description, we can use ChatGPT. As a skeleton from which programmers can improvise and produce the final document, this can assist save a significant amount of time.

For my software development project, create a thorough Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document. Here are the specifics: Project summary, stakeholders, functional and non-functional needs, presumptions, and restrictions should all be provided.

The following sections should be included in a well-structured SRS document: introduction, scope, functional demands, non-functional demands, interfaces for users, system structure, data management, outer interfaces, constraints, assumptions, and dependencies.

Make sure the paper contains all the information required for the project to be developed successfully.

17. Planning Stage

According on the project requirements, we can ask ChatGPT to provide a suitable data model and design patterns to be used. Data models and design patterns are crucial components of a project and should be carefully picked before beginning to avoid losing time, money, and effort as well as delaying project completion.

I need advice on how to create a successful data model for my software project. Details are as follows: [Explain the project’s main features, user needs, data sources, and relationships] in brief.

Regarding [Entity identification, characteristics, relationships, normalisation, and optimisation], I’m looking for recommendations.

Please provide your recommendations for creating a successful data model.

18. Phase of Development

When we get stuck or need assistance scaling the project, for example, we can ask for guidance on how to move forward.

I need help guaranteeing scalability as I work on a software project. Information: [Shortly describe the project, existing and projected usage, and technological stack].

I need advise on the following topics: [Architecture, database optimisation, infrastructure, caching/performance optimisation].

To ensure scalability for the project I am working on, kindly offer your suggestions and best practises.

19. Stage of testing

Before deploying the code to production, testing is crucial. This improves user experience and prevents reputational damage to the company by assisting in the identification of any bugs or edge cases that may have gone unnoticed. To create test cases, we can use ChatGPT as a tool.

Would you be able to assist me in creating test cases for the feature “explain the feature”?

20. Deployment Phase

Which deployment strategy you use at this point is crucial. The deployment plan outlines how the updates in the latest version of the programme will be presented to users such that, in an ideal world, there is no downtime and the user hardly sees the changes made—that is, the user is not inconvenienced as a result of the software update. We can ask chatGPT to recommend a method for deployment that is best for our project and then assess it on our own.

What deployment tactics are most effective for this software project? Describe the project.

Best Coding Prompts For Chat GPT

1. Generate code

Using the following inputs and expected outputs, create a [language] function to filter [data structure] depending on [condition]: Describe the output.

2. Code Completion

Complete the following [language] code snippet to parse [file format] and retrieve [information].

3. Bug Detection

Find any resource leaks in the following [language] code, and make any necessary corrections.

4. Code Review

For suitable logging and monitoring procedures, review the following [language] code: [code snippet].

5. Natural Language Processing

Create a summary of the text from the following video: [text sample].

6. Development of API documentation

For the following [language] code: [code snippet], make a template for API documentation.

7. Query improvement

Improve the performance of the GraphQL query below: [GraphQL Graph].

8. Series query improvement

Optimise the [time-series query] database query for a time-series database, such as InfluxDB or TimescaleDB.

9. AI conversational bots and chatbots

Create a conversational flow for the [kind of reservation] reservation chatbot.

Make a chatbot interaction that aids consumers in making comparisons and needs-based decisions around [items or services].

10. Designing user interfaces

Create a mockup of the user interface (UI) for a [web/mobile] dashboard that displays [data or metrics].

To increase user engagement, suggest changes to the [app’s or website’s] current user interface.

Create an inclusive and accessible user interface for a [web/mobile] application.

11. Automated testing

Create a test script covering [functional or non-functional] testing for the [language] code that is provided: [Snippet of code].

12. Refactoring of code

To increase testability, suggest reworking the following [language] code: [Snippet of code].

Find instances of the [architecture pattern] that can be used in the [language] code provided: [code snippet].

13. Development of algorithms

To resolve the following issue: [problem description], create a heuristic algorithm.

For [a specific use case], increase the accuracy of the provided machine learning algorithm [algorithm or pseudocode].

Create a streaming algorithm that can handle real-time processing of [data or events] for [a particular activity or operation].

14. Code translation

Code sample to be translated from [source language] to [target language] that utilises [design pattern].

15. Personalised learning

Create a list of resources depending on my preferred learning style—visual, aural, or kinesthetic—to learn [a programming language or technology].



Without a doubt, chatGPT is capable of a wide range of duties that simplify the life of a programmer, from outlining a concept to producing the entire code. However, everything has a price. Because it is based on a machine learning algorithm and could produce inaccurate results, we cannot rely on it blindly. Additionally, it might be biassed. Other than this, using chatGPT is always fraught with security risks. One shouldn’t provide chatGPT access to the company’s internal code or reveal any sensitive information about the company’s policies or forthcoming projects. It should not be utilised as a freelancer, simply as an assistant.

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Is ChatGPT free ?

ChatGPT usage could come with additional expenses. Some usage might be charged, some might not. To receive the most precise information, you should check the app’s terms of service or pricing details.

Is CahatGPT safe ?

Safety features in ChatGPT help to reduce undesirable or improper outputs. It’s not flawless, though, and there’s still a chance of producing stuff that could not be fully secure. The model’s safety is actively being improved by OpenAI, and users are invited to share any issue outputs with the company. It’s crucial to utilise ChatGPT sensibly and to interpret its responses with care.

Does ChatGPT understand Hindi ?

Yes, ChatGPT can provide responses in Hindi and does have some knowledge of the language. However, in comparison to its English fluency, its Hindi proficiency may be somewhat limited. You are welcome to try conversing with me in Hindi; I will attempt to understand you and react accordingly.

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