An advanced structure of neural networks known as a Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) is used to train large models of languages. It mimics human interaction by utilizing a sizable amount of freely available text on the internet. Artificial intelligence-based systems that can manage challenging interpersonal tasks can make use of a GPT language model.

For instance, GPT-based LLMs let computers carry out tasks like text summarization, automated translation, categorization, and code generation. GPT also permits the creation of conversational AI that can answer questions and provide insightful analysis of the information that the models have been trained on.

ChatGPT-3 vs ChatGPT-4

A significantly improved version of ChatGPT has just been released, carrying with it major advances in artificial intelligence (AI), but is it expensive? GPT- 4 is 10 times more advanced than GPT- 3.5.

Artificial intelligence has been buzzing about Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) models. GPT-4 is already launched in the first quarter of 2023, following the release of GPT-3 in May 2020. 

ChatGPT-3 vs ChatGPT-4

Why is GPT so crucial? 

GPT has sparked a revolution in the production of AI-generated text. With data sets that can reach the hundreds of billions, GPT algorithms are incredibly sophisticated and have an important edge over all previous generations of language models.

How to access GPT-4?

ChatGPT quickly gained popularity. It didn’t take long for OpenAI, the firm that developed it, to start offering a premium version of the technology because that led to server capacity issues. That didn’t really slow things down, though, as ChatGPT (both the paid and free versions) soon garnered comparable online traffic to Bing. 

ChatGPT Plus (or ChatGPT+) is the name of the premium version. $20 a month is the price. The main method for individuals to access the fundamental GPT-4 technology is currently ChatPGT+.

Initially you’ll need to sign up for a free OpenAI account, which you may already have. Following that, look through the options for the Upgrade to Plus option. You could fail to be able to sign in successfully if there is a capacity issue, which is only one of the issues that ChatGPT+ is intended to address.

Despite the fact that both GPTs will have extensive natural language processing abilities, there are a few noteworthy variations between both of them.

  • Conflict Resolution

By posing clarification queries or offering answers that can be interpreted in many ways, GPT-4 may more effectively resolve unclear requests. Due to the model’s improved ability to adapt to the user’s meant purpose, interactions become more interesting and efficient.

  • Superior Logical Thinking

GPT-4 has a more powerful capacity for logical reasoning, allowing it to handle difficult issues and arrive at more precise findings. With this enhancement, it can now better support users in activities like making choices, research, and statistical analysis.

Many of you are likely to be surprised to learn that GPT 4 also performed well on advanced examinations like the SAT as well as GRE.

  • Fees and Accessibility

Limited spots are available for chat GPT-3. This means that even though the free tier is generally more accessible, you won’t receive preferential accessibility when using Chat GPT-3 as an unpaid client. This isn’t a big concern if you’re just having fun playing with AI.

However, having a restricted accessibility may be a little of a problem for people who currently use AI in their profession. Only the free tier of Chat GPT-3 is available, which acts as a basic introduction for anybody invested in the chatbot.

With a monthly subscription, you can access Chat GPT-4 with a higher priority.For any business using Chat GPT-4 in a manner that is official and  professional, the cost of the monthly membership is $20 per month, which is very reasonable.

  • Problem-solving and Originality

Compared to GPT-3, GPT-4 significantly enhances students’ creativity and problem-solving skills. It is a useful tool for discussions about ideas and innovative projects because it can provide more diverse and interesting ideas.

  • Inputs

 A language model called ChatGPT-3 only accepts text entries, whereas GPT-4 has enhanced its capacity to accept both text and graphics.

This increase in input capacity is a huge step forward for GPT-4. GPT-4 will be able to process visuals and give answers that are relevant to the context if visual inputs are included.

The addition of picture inputs to GPT-4 might have comparable transformational results. GPT-4 will be able to analyze and interpret photos thanks to the incorporation of technological advances in the field of picture identification and analysis, which has been quickly growing.

This might result in the development of more sophisticated and smart systems for computer vision.

ChatGPT-3 vs ChatGPT-4
  • Multiple Language Support

40 languages are supported by and can be understood by Chat GPT 3. In addition to offering responses to your photographs, GPT 4 beats Chat GPT 3 in 23 languages. While GPT 4 can also clearly explain graphics, GPT 3 can only respond to your texts. 

  • Improved Language Understanding

GPT-4 improves upon GPT-3’s already remarkable comprehension of language and generation by paying closer attention to context, specifics, and complexities.

This enhancement makes it a more efficient means of communication by enabling more precise and rational responses in a broader spectrum of talks.

  • Customer care

Companies will be able to automate customer assistance thanks to GPT-4. With its strong language abilities and knowledge of context, it can swiftly and efficiently comprehend consumer concerns and offer appropriate replies. It lessens the requirement for human interaction while simultaneously knowing when to transfer a discussion to a real person for more support.

  • Finding Fraud

GPT-4 is a strong tool that helps organizations find fraud, sparing them time and money while lowering risk. GPT-4’s ability to analyze enormous amounts of data allows it to spot trends that can point to illegal conduct, such as unusual access to accounts or purchasing habits. Protecting client data and averting losses by preemptive measures against probable fraud. 

  • Processing Power

Up to 3,000 words can be processed by Chat GPT-3 at once. This is advantageous for giving brief overviews of texts or for having thorough comments. However, the chatbot quickly hits its maximum capacity, which can result in fewer precise answers.

Comparatively, Chat GPT-4 may interpret up to 25,000 words at once. This results in more precise and complete responses due to the substantially enhanced recall. You can absolutely enter some well crafted prompts to obtain the desired response.

  • Performance

Performance is the effectiveness with which the language model responds to input. It shows how well the language model understands words and produces intelligent responses.

Complexity, accuracy, and efficiency are the usual standards for evaluating quality.

GPT-4 performs better than GPT-3 in terms of performance because of its more functions and multimodal capabilities.

  • Computing Skills

GPT-4’s coding abilities, a crucial tool for software professionals, have swept the internet thanks to its ability to generate code fragments or edit existing code more quickly than GPT-3.5.

By compressing weeks of work into a few short hours, GPT-4 makes it possible to complete remarkable feats in a record amount of time.

  • Comparative Analysis

The capability of GPT-4 to generate comparisons and links between apparently unconnected ideas is another notable advantage.

GPT-4 is a valuable tool for creative industries like advertising, promotion, and product creation thanks to its ability that aids in the generation of original concepts and thoughts.

  • Contextual Knowledge

GPT-3 occasionally had trouble keeping the discourse in perspective throughout lengthy exchanges, which caused its comments to lose consistency and relevancy. A more reliable and relevant dialogue can be maintained over the course of lengthy exchanges as a result of GPT-4’s better contextual comprehension.

  • Safety

Chat GPT-4 users may feel secure because the AI is far less likely to answer risky inquiries. Overall, using it ought to be considerably more satisfying than using the previous version. Naturally, there will occasionally be a few prompts that are missed since it cannot be completely guaranteed to provide accurate responses or ignore prohibited objects.

  • Financial Consultancy

Financial advisors can use GPT-4 to acquire insightful market knowledge on market trends and customer behavior. With its capacity to analyse enormous quantities of data, it may help to handle portfolios, locating growth possibilities, and reducing threats. 

Operational effectiveness rises as a result of GPT-4’s emphasis on functionality. Businesses can employ artificial intelligence (AI) to boost up their customer service operations, content generating techniques, and even selling and promotional initiatives.

The Major differences between ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT- 4 and given below in a tabular form.

Model Size175 billion parametersLarger than ChatGPT-3.5
Language Understanding Impressive comprehension of complex queries and contextImproved Language Understanding capabilities, multilingual support
Fine tuning capabilities Offers fine tuning capabilities Enhanced fine tuning capabilities 
Ambiguity resolutionLess capableMore advanced, questions for clarification 
PricingFree AcessPaid
Word limit3000 words25000 words
Image recognition Not Available Available
Comparative AnalysisLess advancedMore advanced
Logical reasoning and problem-solving Capable, but less advancedImproved amd more robust, draws more accurate conclusions
InputsTextText, Audio, Image, Visual
Accuracy Less accurate More accurate
Context RetentionSome limitations in retaining context over long conversationsImproved context retention
Bias reductionEfforts to address biases, but biases can still be presentFurther improvement in reducing biases
Accessibility and Availability LimitedMore Accessible and Available
Speed and PerformanceLess than ChatGPT-4Much better than ChatGPT-3.5 

about ChatGPT-4 and it’s benefits, you can also look at this detailed YouTube video.

Where Will ChatGPT Go From Here?

ChatGPT has made great strides, yet there is still space for growth:

  • Increasing its capacity to recognise context and adapt responses is one way to improve neutrality.
  • Gaining the ability to comprehend the user by learning who, what, and how they are interacting.
  • Integrations from outside sources: Increasing its impact through online, API, and robotic interfaces.
  • Long-term memory: Increasing the capacity to recall previous interactions and use that knowledge in communication going forward.
  • Minimizing the number of times the AI is persuaded of incorrect data to reduce irrationality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What purposes can Chat GPT serve?

There are several uses for Chat GPT, including fact-checking, content creation, and many other things. Chat GPT can even be used to assist developers create generic code, which speeds up the creation procedure.

Does Chat GPT consistently provide accurate answers?

It can frequently respond with factual information. But there are some areas in which the training data’s understanding is inadequate. This is notably apparent with Chat GPT-3 while discussing specialised topics. However, it works just well for verification in general or for reasoning problems like maths.

Is Chat GPT-4 accessible to all users?

 Yes, in a sense, it is undoubtedly accessible to everyone. You must pay the monthly subscription because it isn’t included in the OpenAI free account.

What distinguishes GPT and ChatGPT from one another?

A web application created exclusively for chatbot apps is called ChatGPT. It uses GPT to generate responses. 

GPT, however, is a language model rather than an application. 



The extensive use of GPT- 3 in so many different services is proof of the strong degree of interest in the technology and the ongoing promise of its future. However, GPT- 4 delivers noteworthy advancements that will make these robust language models more adaptable. It will be exciting to see how these models progress in the future because they have the ability to fundamentally alter how we communicate with machines and understand different language models. 

In my personal opinion, GPT 4 is the undisputed victor in the GPT 3 vs. 4 comparison because it is greater more sophisticated, and considerably more inventive along with updated information. Its capacity to smoothly combine text and images brings up a surprising multitude of opportunities.

ChatGPT-3 vs ChatGPT-4, both are under development but forever upgrading with newer standards and it already has been shown to be capable of wide range of tasks. It has the ultimate potential to revolutionize the way we interact with computers. It could be used to create more realistic and engaging chatbots, to improve the quality of machine translation, and to automate a wide range of tasks that are currently done by humans.

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