Midjourney is a generative artificial intelligence program and service created and hosted by San Francisco-based independent research lab Midjourney, it is an innovative AI program developed by a research lab led by David Holz, co-founder of Leap Motion. It generates images from natural language descriptions, called “prompts”, similar to OpenAI’s DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. This unique tool can transform text descriptions into vivid images, a feature that has captivated users since its open beta launch on July 12, 2022.

The company has been working on improving its algorithms, releasing new model versions every few months. Version 2 of their algorithm was launched in April 2022 and version 3 on July 25. On November 5, 2022, the alpha iteration of version 4 was released to users and on March 15, 2023, the alpha iteration of version 5 was released. The 5.1 model is more ‘opinionated’ than version 5, applying more of its own stylization to images, while the 5.1 RAW model adds improvement while working better with more literal prompts.

In this article, we will look forward to the ways to elevate midjourney experience with the help of ChatGPT prompts. Let’s dive in.

Best ChatGPT Prompts To Elevate Midjourney Experience 

ChatGPT prompts have indeed been implemented to guarantee that ChatGPT is used ethically and sensibly. Prompts can be very simple. Single words (or even an emoji!) will produce an image. Very short prompts will rely heavily on Midjourney’s default style, so a more descriptive prompt is better for a unique look. However, super-long prompts aren’t always better. By using ChatGPT to generate prompts for Mid-Journey, you can create customized, actionable prompts that will help you get the most out of the app.

Elevate Midjourney Experience
  • “Long-tail descriptions and being as specific as you can with your prompt. They tend to provide the best results as they are more specific than short-tail descriptions. For example, instead of saying “a cat,” saying “a black cat with green eyes” will produce results closer to what you want.”
  • “Create a vivid and realistic image of a street dog in a deep slumber on a quiet urban street. Pay meticulous attention to details to capture the authenticity of the scene. Depict the dog’s fur, matted and dusty from its surroundings, its body nestled comfortably against the rough texture of the pavement. Illuminate the image with the soft, amber glow of a distant streetlight, casting gentle shadows that play across the contours of the dog’s body. Convey the sense of both vulnerability and respite in the dog’s expression as it rests amidst the backdrop of the bustling city. Your image should evoke empathy and an intimate connection with the solitary yet peaceful moment.”
  • “Craft an alluring and dynamic image featuring a sleek black luxury car gliding through the urban streets with an air of sophistication. Pay close attention to detail as you capture the car’s curves, the reflective sheen of its polished surface, and the way its headlights cut through the darkness of the night. Depict the play of light and shadow as the city lights dance upon the car’s glossy exterior, enhancing its allure. Convey the sense of motion as the car moves smoothly, its tires whispering against the pavement. Evoke a feeling of both power and elegance, highlighting the car’s commanding presence in the midst of the bustling cityscape.”
  • “Paint a captivating anime-inspired scene that transports viewers to a world of ethereal beauty and wonder. Envision a landscape that merges fantasy and reality, with vibrant colours and intricate details. Depict a serene cherry blossom garden, where delicate petals flutter down from the trees, creating a soft carpet on the ground. The sky is a gradient of warm hues as the sun sets, casting a gentle glow on the scene. In the foreground, a graceful figure stands beneath the blossoms, dressed in flowing robes that mirror the colours of the sunset. The scene should evoke a sense of tranquillity, magic, and the ephemeral nature of beauty.”
  • “Create a vivid and captivating image of flights during midjourney: As the sun hangs in the sky, casting a warm golden glow over the world below, a tapestry of flights unfolds amidst the boundless heavens. Imagine a moment suspended in time, where airplanes and birds coexist in harmonious choreography. The aircraft, adorned in sleek metallic coats, gracefully slice through the air, leaving delicate trails of condensation in their wake. Each plane tells a unique story, a vessel of human dreams and endeavors soaring through the great tapestry of the atmosphere.
  • “Create an image of a futuristic supermarket set in the year 2045. Picture a vibrant and technologically advanced shopping environment where holographic displays showcase products, robotic assistants navigate the aisles, and customers use augmented reality devices to interact with the items on their shopping lists. Capture the fusion of sleek modern architecture with sustainable design elements, reflecting a vision of convenience, sustainability, and innovation in the grocery shopping experience of the future.”
  • “Generate an image depicting a bustling cityscape with wide, futuristic roads filled with electric vehicles in motion. Capture the essence of a clean and sustainable urban transportation system in action. Showcase a variety of sleek and stylish electric cars, buses, and bicycles smoothly navigating the lanes. Let the image convey a sense of progress, reduced emissions, and a harmonious coexistence between advanced technology and the environment.”

50 Best AI Art Prompt Examples to try on Midjourney

 Here you can find some of the best prompts for Midjourney AI tool. You can also use these prompts to create artistic image on Midjourney.

  1. “An illustration of a mountain in the style of Impressionism with a wide aspect ratio.”
  2. “A 3D rendering of a tree with bright yellow leaves and an abstract style.”
  3. “A photograph of a steampunk alien taken from a low-angle viewpoint.”
  4. “A sketch of a raccoon in bright colors and minimalist composition.”
  5. “A 3D rendering of a spaceship in the style of cubism with high resolution.”
  6. “An old woman washing her clothes in the winter in the style of Renaissance art with a narrow aspect ratio.”
  7. “A picture of a butterfly riding a motorcycle in vaporware style with a wide-angle view.”
  8. “A 3D rendering of a star with pastel colors and a whimsical look.”
  9. “A photograph of three friends playing music on the street in the style of Pop Art with a medium aspect ratio.”
  10. “A group of pug dogs at a rave in a Renaissance style.”
  11. “A sketch of a mysterious castle in the style of Gothic art with an aerial viewpoint.”
  12. “A 3D rendering of an office desk with a futuristic look and bokeh.”
  13. “Cubist painting of a backlit train station with bright colors and realistic textures.”
  14. “An illustration of a woman laying on a bed in a dynamic pose dreaming in black-and-white.”
  15. “Impressionist oil painting of a beach at sunset with a narrow aspect ratio.”
  16. “A photograph of a city skyline in the style of Edward Hopper taken from an aerial viewpoint.”
  17. “A 3D rendering of a cat sitting on a windowsill in minimalist style with high resolution.”
  18. “Graffiti-style painting of a city street with an urban look and textured surfaces.”
  19. “A sketch of a pirate ship in black-and-white with realistic textures and low resolution.”
  20. “A chalk drawing of a family picnic being attacked by ants in Central Park with a surrealist style.”
  21. “A watercolor painting of a shop with surreal elements in vibrant colors.”
  22. “An oil painting of a rainbow over a rural abandoned town with classic style.”
  23. “A 3D rendering of a spaceship taking off into space with a cyberpunk look and wide aspect ratio.”
  24. “A futuristic space station is shown in jewel tones, ultra photoreal, and cinematic lighting.”
  25. “A creative composition of a frog wearing a crown sitting on a log in a Japanese anime style.”
  26. “Outside of a 1960s diner in monochromatic colors and vintage feel.”
  27. “A retro-style robot playing a futuristic video game in neon tones with medium resolution.”
  28. “An image of a dark and mysterious castle with bats flying around it in an American Gothic style.”
  29. “An animated GIF of a robot dancing to 80s music with a cartoon look.”
  30. “An illustration of a family photo taken on the beach in the style of Ansel Adams.”
  31. “An abstract painting of a sunflower in the middle of a desert with bright colors and low resolution.”
  32. “A beachfront bar at a holiday resort at nighttime with purple and pink tones in a pop art style.”
  33. “A 3D rendering of a garden blooming with flowers under the moonlight in a low-angle view.”
  34. “A fantasy painting of a castle sitting on top of a craggy peak with a cinematic tone.”
  35. “A candid photograph of a woman standing at the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean in an art nouveau style.”
  36. “A 3D rendering of a cityscape at night with neon lights and an abstract style.”
  37. “An illustration of a spaceship flying through the stars in the style of Van Gogh with a full depth of field.”
  38. “A sketch of two cats sitting on a sofa watching TV while eating spaghetti.”
  39. “Two monsters playing chess in the style of cubism with bright colors and low resolution.”
  40. “A picture of a person walking alone through a forest in the style of Romanticism taken from an aerial viewpoint.”
  41. “A low-detail oil painting of a thunderstorm over a cityscape with dark tones and a backlit resolution.”
  42. “A 3D rendering of a futuristic train station in the style of Art Nouveau with volumetric lighting.”
  43. “An illustration of a river winding through a meadow in the style of Impressionism with a thick black outline.”
  44. “A photograph of a person sitting on a bench facing the sunset in black and white.”
  45. “A minimalist painting of a city skyline in bright colors and high resolution.”
  46. “A sketch of two robots talking to each other with a surreal look and narrow aspect ratio.”
  47. “A Dadaist collage of a post-apocalyptic world in neon tones and 4K resolution.”
  48. “A rococo painting of a garden with abstract elements and high resolution.”
  49. “A photograph of an old man walking in the rain making eye contact with the viewer in a mid-shot view.”
  50. “A watercolor painting of a flock of birds flying over a river at sunset with realistic textures.”

Examples of Prompts Used in Midjourney

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

  • How long Can a Midjourney Prompts be?

A prompt can be a few words or multiple sentences. The maximum limit is 400 characters on Dall-E, and 6,000 characters on Midjourney. Prompts don’t have to be long, and AI generators can still produce images with short text prompts, or even emojis. While different versions of Midjourney may handle these limits differently, as a general guideline, anything written after approximately 40 words is likely to be ignored; after 60 words, it becomes highly likely to be ignored, and after 80 words, it will almost certainly be cut off.

  • Does Word Order matter in Midjourney?

In the latest versions of Midjourney, the rule of word order remains relevant, but additional factors are now taken into consideration, such as token strength. Token strength refers to Midjourney’s learned perception of the significance of each word or phrase in the prompt.

  • How Do I get best result in Midjourney?
  1. Be Concise.
  2. Use a Midjourney Prompt Generator.
  3. Try out the Creative Tag.
  4. Stylize Tag.
  5. Add Negative Keywords.
  6. Midjourney Multiprompt.
  7. Add Weighting to Your Prompt.
  8. Try Out Different Aspect Ratios.



 As this fusion of technologies continues to develop, it will be fascinating to witness how the combination of these capabilities contributes to the evolution of AI-driven communication and problem-solving, potentially pushing the boundaries of what is currently achievable in the field of artificial intelligence. Using a Midjourney prompt builder can save you time, ensure consistency in brand messaging, increase engagement, provide direction, and deliver more accurate visuals. There are various prompt builders available, each with its unique features and benefits.

In conclusion, the synergy between ChatGPT prompts and Midjourney AI’s underlying technology could lead to more dynamic and coherent conversations, enabling users to engage in more meaningful and effective interactions. The integration of ChatGPT prompts within the framework of Midjourney AI presents a promising avenue for enhancing natural language understanding and interaction. Midjourney AI can potentially offer advanced conversational abilities, context comprehension, and meaningful responses. 

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