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Images are incredibly important in today’s digital age for improving the visual attractiveness of material and successfully communicating information. A useful tool that makes it easier to find and use high-quality photographs for a variety of reasons is the Microsoft Bing Image Generator. In this post, we’ll examine the capabilities of the Microsoft Bing Image Generator and give a step-by-step tutorial on how to utilise it.

What is Bing Image Generator ?

The Microsoft Bing Image Generator is a web-based tool that makes use of the Bing search engine to make it simple and quick for users to find pertinent photos. It is a component of the larger Bing Search APIs, which are made to enable programmers and content producers to incorporate Bing’s search capabilities into their programmes and websites.

Microsoft Edge’s sidebar offers this Image Creator, which enables you to create AI images using DALL-E. Our AI will provide a group of photos that exactly match a text prompt if provided.

Microsoft Bing Image Generator

Bing Image Creator will debut on March 21, 2023, according to the Official Microsoft Blog. 

The GPT-4 model from OpenAI is used to power the responses in Bing AI Chat. However, Bing Image Creator transforms text prompts into images using DALL-E, another potent artificial intelligence model from OpenAI.

DALL-E’s intensive training is what produces the photos it produces. The AI model uses millions of photographs to aid in learning what pictures are, their related clues and significance, and how they translate to text. The model that served as the foundation for ChatGPT, Bing AI Chat, and other generative AI tools—GPT-3—is also integrated into DALL-E.

Since Bing Image Creator hasn’t yet been fully integrated into Bing AI Chat for all users, it is still in the Bing Preview stage. Even if the Bing AI Chat queue is no longer available, not every user will get access to every new feature at once.

However, Microsoft is incorporating DALL-E’s AI picture creation model straight into Bing AI Chat, allowing you to ask an AI-powered Bing to create a certain image for you and have it respond accordingly. Microsoft Edge is the only browser having an inbuilt AI picture generating feature at least for the time being.

Key Features of Microsoft Bing Image Generator

Advanced Search Filters

The tool provides a number of filters that let users focus their search for images based on several factors, including picture type, size, colour, and layout. By doing this, customers may be sure to find photographs that exactly suit their needs.


Microsoft Bing Image Generator offers a function called SafeSearch that removes explicit information from search results, making it appropriate for all users, including children and professionals.

Image Preview

Users no longer need to open several tabs or windows to explore suitable photos for use because they may preview images from within the tool’s interface.

Licensing Information

Each image’s licencing information is displayed by the programme, which aids users in understanding the conditions of image use. For the content to be used legally and ethically, this is essential.

How to Use Microsoft Bing Image Generator: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Accessing the Tool

Go to the Microsoft Bing Image Generator website by launching your favourite web browser and entering its address.

Microsoft Bing Image Generator

Open your Microsoft account and log in. You can open an account for free if you don’t already have one.

Step 2: Performing an Image Search

You can input keywords pertaining to the kind of image you’re looking for in the search field once you’ve logged in.

Microsoft Bing Image Generator

Make use of the sophisticated search criteria on the left side to narrow down your search. Size, colour, font, arrangement, and other details are all adjustable.

Then click on the search button.

Step 3: Browsing and Selecting Images

Examine the search results that are shown on the screen. A preview of the image along with the image’s title, source, and size will be displayed for each result. 

To view the whole image, click the preview. A pop-up window containing an expanded version of the pic will appear as a result.

Microsoft Bing Image Generator

Check the licencing information associated with the image. Make sure you are familiar with and agree to the conditions before continuing.

If the image meets your needs, you can download it by selecting the “Download” option. Choose the appropriate format for your needs.

Step 4: Using the Downloaded Image

You can utilise the image in your selected project once it has been downloaded. The image will enhance the visual appeal of your material whether you’re writing a blog post, developing a website, or creating a presentation.

Microsoft Bing Image Generator

If the licencing terms demand it, be sure to properly credit the image. Usually, this entails citing the image’s creator.

Crafting Better Prompts For Image Generation

Detailed and original suggestions are necessary in order for Bing’s Image Creator to produce stunning photographs. For better-performing suggestions, Bing advises mixing adjectives, nouns, verbs, and styles.

Using the following model, you can create stronger prompts

Adjective ( little ) + Noun ( elephant ) + Verb ( wearing glasses ) + Style ( digital art)

The AI-generated graphics will better reflect your vision if you give detailed and creative prompts.

Rewards from Microsoft and Image Creator

If your boosts expire, you can utilise Microsoft Rewards to redeem more boosts and benefit from quicker processing times.

When your Image Creator boosters run out, you’ll be reminded of this choice.

How Can I Earn Microsoft Reward Points?

Microsoft Rewards is a programme that enables you to accumulate points by a variety of actions, such as conducting Bing searches, passing tests, and making purchases at the Microsoft Store.

Gift cards, entry into sweepstakes, and charitable contributions are just a few of the incentives you can get for your points.

To begin using Microsoft Rewards, take the following actions

1. Sign up for a Microsoft account at signup.live.com to create one, or simply sign in if you already have one. Login to your Live account at login.live.com if you already have one.

2. Join Microsoft Rewards: Visit the Microsoft Rewards page after logging into your Microsoft account and click “Join now” or “Sign in” to sign up for the programme.

3. eginning your point-earning endeavours after joining, you may:

  • Whenever you use Bing to conduct a search, make sure your Microsoft account is signed in so that you may receive points.
  • Taking and passing surveys: You can earn points by taking daily surveys and quizzes that can be found on the Microsoft Rewards dashboard.
  • Shopping at the Microsoft Store: By ensuring that you are signed into your Microsoft account when you make purchases at the Microsoft Store, whether online or in person, you can earn points.
  • By means of Microsoft Edge: While in into your Microsoft account and using Microsoft Edge, you can earn points by browsing.
  • Making offers final: If there are any special offers available, check the Microsoft Rewards dashboard as you may be able to earn more points.

4. Redeem your points: When you have a sufficient number of points, you may exchange them for a variety of benefits, including gift cards, Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, entries into contests, and charitable contributions.

Bing Image Creator’s limitations

Although there are many advantages to using this tool, such as its simplicity, there are also some drawbacks. The numerous Bing Image Creator restrictions will be discussed in this blog area, along with tips on how to get around them. Understanding these constraints will enable you to use Bing Image provider wisely, whether you’re a marketer, blogger, or content provider. Let’s begin, then!

In Bing Chat, you must change to the “Creative” conversation style. Because this is the only mode in which Bing AI Image Creator actually functions. This implies that you must alter the “mode” if, for instance, you are writing a blog post.

Image Creator is only accessible to Bing users, significantly reducing its accessibility and excluding the overwhelming majority of those who use the internet.

A few file types. The biggest size that Bing currently offers is 1024 by 1024 pixels, and the perspective ratio will remain 1:1. 

Because you need to wait for the feature to go live on your account, it is possible that Bing AI chat won’t provide you with an image.

a small quantity of photographs and a lengthy wait to obtain them. Given that DALL-E 2 technology underpins Bing Image Creator, which is still under preview.

FAQ: People also ask

Bing Image Creator is it free?

Currently, Bing’s Image Creator is cost-free, but if you run out of boosts, you can purchase more. Credits are similar to boosts in that each request you make for it to create an image will deplete one of your boosts. When utilising the Image Creator for the first time, users formerly received 25, but that number has subsequently raised to 100. 

Image Creator Boost Credits: What Are They?

Bing Image Creator does not have a waiting like Bing AI Chat had.

There are, however, Image Creator “Boosts” that guarantee your AI image will be made quickly. With 25 credits, you start out. Your credits will reset every week, and each search uses a credit. You can still make photos after your credits have been used, but it will take longer.

Use Bing Image Creator right now.

For English text-to-image generation, if you haven’t already joined the Bing preview, you can use Bing Image Creator directly at bing.com/create. Microsoft will eventually offer support for more languages.

The picture creator can be accessible by Bing preview users either through Microsoft Edge or the chatbot prompt.


Conclusion: Using Microsoft Bing Image Generator to Its Full Potential

Visuals play a crucial role in content creation. By utilising the strength of Bing’s search capabilities, the Microsoft Bing Image Generator makes it easier to find high-quality photographs. The application makes sure users can find and use photos that are in line with their artistic goal by providing advanced searching filters, image previews, and licencing information. You may maximise the capabilities of Microsoft Bing Image Generator and enhance your material with eye-catching visuals by following the step-by-step instructions provided in this article. Always follow licencing agreements and provide credit where credit is due; doing so helps to ensure that the photos you uncover are used ethically and legally.

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