Being creative has become useful in an industry where visual content has become more prevalent. The new platform midjourney image prompts, which taps into the power of pictures and the potential of human imagination, is one that has made significant progress in this area. The fundamental concept of this artistic endeavor is that of “seeds,” an essential tool for fostering creative expression. We will learn how to do this in today’s post, “Unleash Creativity: How to Use Seed in Midjourney Image Prompts.”


Midjourney Image Prompts

Midjourney’s method for encouraging creativity is unique. By presenting them attractive visual ideas, the site encourages users to go on creative adventures. These image prompts have been thoughtfully chosen to bring out feelings, motivate thought, and lay the groundwork for endless possibilities. However, the idea of “seed” is where the real magic comes from.

Consider the seed to be the centre of the process of creation in Midjourney. Your imaginative exploration should always begin with a single word, phrase, or idea known as the “seed.” It acts as a base upon which your initial ideas will develop. Users have the opportunity to explore the picture prompt through the perspective of their chosen concept once they have the seed in their possession, fostering a meaningful and unique creative connection.

What are Seed in Midjourney Image Prompts?

While interacting with image prompts in Midjourney, a “seed” is a beginning point or a central idea that you decide to let direct your creative exploration. On the Midjourney platform, each time you come across a picture, you have the option of adding a seed to it to improve your creative experience.

The seed is a single word, short phrase, or concept that resonates with you, captures the essence of the image, or sparks a particular idea in your mind. It acts as a catalyst for your creative process, offering you a unique lens through which to interpret and respond to the image prompt. The seed can be a theme, an emotion, a question, a sensation, or any other element that resonates with your creative instincts.

By incorporating a seed into your interaction with an image prompt, you’re encouraged to approach the image from a specific angle that aligns with the chosen seed. This approach helps focus your thoughts, ideas, and interpretations, leading to a more cohesive and imaginative response. Seeds also contribute to the richness and diversity of creative contributions from users, as different individuals can use the same image to generate a wide array of creative works based on their chosen seeds.

In essence, Midjourney’s image prompt seeding offers an organized and flexible method for interacting with imagery, improving your capacity to connect with images and inspire creative thoughts. They provide launching pads for artistic explorations while allowing for individual interpretation and artistic expression. Using seeds may significantly improve your experience on the Midjourney platform, whether you’re a writer, artist, or someone trying to express your creativity.

How seeds for Midjourney Image prompt can be created?

Creating seeds for Midjourney involves choosing a phrase, idea, or term that resonates with you and fits with the mental image you’re connected to. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create Midjourney-compatible seeds:-

  1. Follow the prompt: Look carefully at the prompt displayed on the Midjourney platform. Think about the elements, emotions, themes and details that stand out to you. Think about what feelings or thoughts the image evokes.  
  2.  Identify Themes: Based on your observations, identify one or more themes, feelings, or concepts that the prompt presents. These can be emotions like “tranquility”, themes like “quests” or even specific concepts like “time travel”. 
  3.  Capture Essence: Choose a word or short phrase that describes the essence you identified in step 2. It should be something short but memorable, something you can use as a lens to look at the image from a certain perspective.
  4. Personal Connection: Choose a seed that resonates with you personally. It could be something that triggers your own memories, experiences or interests. This personal connection adds authenticity to creative research. 
  5.  Open to Interpretation: While your seed should guide your creative process, don’t make it too restrictive. Leave room for interpretation and exploration. A good seed should enhance your creativity, not limit it. 
  6. Language and Tone: Consider the language and tone of the seed you choose. It should match the mood of the prompt and the type of creative work you plan to do (writing, drawing, etc.).
  7. Experiment: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different seeds to get the same motivation. This can lead to different creative results and expand your creative horizons.  
  8. Practice: Creating effective seeds takes practice. The more Mid-Journey you use, the better you will be at choosing seeds that spark your creativity.  Collaborative Seeds: When using Midjourney in a group, consider collaborating with others to create seeds. Discussing and combining ideas can lead to unique and compelling creative directions. 
  9. Reflect and refine: Once you’ve created the seed of your creative work, think about how well it guided your process and improved your outcome. If necessary, refine your approach to seed selection in the future.
  10. Collaborative Seeds: When using Midjourney in a group, consider collaborating with others to create seeds. Discussing and combining ideas can lead to unique and compelling creative directions.

We should always keep in mind that the beauty of using Midjourney seeds is that they are a tool to enhance your creative process, not a rigid formula. They allow you to explore visual cues in unique and meaningful ways, fostering deeper connections between visual stimulation and creative expression.

Types of seeds used in Midjourney

In Midjourney, seeds can be varied and versatile, covering a wide range of topics, emotions, concepts and perspectives. Here are some different types of seeds you can use to increase your creative exploration on the platform:-

  1. Emotion Seed: Select a seed that represents a specific emotion or feeling evoked by the image. For example, “pleasant”, “depressed”, “hopeful”, “anxious”. 
  2.  Theme Seed: Choose a seed that reflects the central theme or theme depicted in the image. This includes species such as ‘nature’, ‘adventure’, ‘mystery’ and ‘friendship’. 
  3.  Conceptual Seed: Determines the seed that emphasizes conceptual elements in the image. For example, ‘time’, ‘transformation’, ‘identity’, ‘isolation’.  
  4.  Seed Question: Configure the seed as a thought-provoking question that displays an image prompt. This allows you to explore images with curiosity and an analytical perspective.  Character Seeds: Create seeds that revolve around the characters or personas you imagine in the context of the image. This can lead to character-based stories and creative works. 
  5.   Metaphor Seed: Select a seed that uses a metaphor to connect the image to a larger idea or concept. This adds depth and layers to your creative interpretation.
  6. Contrast Seed: Use a seed that adds a contrasting element to the image. This can lead to interesting juxtapositions and creative tensions. 
  7.   Memory Seed: Select a seed that triggers a personal memory or experience that matches the image. This personal connection brings credibility to your creative work. 
  8.  Sensory Seeds: Create seeds that focus on sensory experiences. This may involve exploring how images sound, feel, smell and taste in a creative context. 
  9.   Symbol Seed: Identifies a symbol element in the image and uses it as a seed. Symbols can add layers of meaning and depth to your creative quest. 
  10.  Location Seeds: Set up seeds around specific locations shown in the image. This can lead to imaginative journeys and settings for creative works.
  11.   Abstract Seeds: Experiment with abstract seeds that evoke emotions, sensations, and concepts that are not directly related to elements in your image. This can lead to unique and unconventional ideas. 
  12.  Related Seeds: Select seeds based on the words or concepts associated with the image, even if they aren’t immediately obvious. This can lead to unexpected and innovative creative interpretations. 

We might consider that the type of seed we choose depends on your personal preferences, creative goals, and the image prompts itself. We shouldn’t hesitate to mix and match different types of seeds to find which ones best suit our creative process and produce the most interesting results.

Prompts for Midjourney

Down below is a list providing 20 prompts to Unleash Creativity: How to Use Seed in Midjourney Image Prompts:-

  1. “Craft a poetic narrative inspired by the image, focusing on the theme of ‘serenity’ as your seed.”
  2. “Imagine a character who finds an ancient artifact in the image. Write a dialogue between them and a curious passerby.”
  3. “Use the seed ‘timelessness’ to weave a short story around the mysterious scene portrayed in the image.”
  4. “Create an abstract art piece that captures the emotion of ‘bittersweet’ as conveyed by the image.”
  5. “Craft a vivid description of a hidden world within the image, where ‘whispers of adventure’ guide your seed-inspired exploration.”
  6. “Write a letter from the perspective of a tree in the image, sharing its thoughts on the changing seasons and life’s cycles.”
  7. “Let the concept of ‘duality’ shape your poem, exploring contrasting elements in the image that resonate with your seed.”
  8. “Imagine a group of explorers stumbling upon the image’s location. Describe their reactions and interactions, driven by the seed ‘discovery.'”
  9. “Compose a haiku that encapsulates the essence of ‘tranquility,’ using the image as your muse.”
  10. “Draw inspiration from the image’s colors and textures to create a surreal digital artwork, guided by the seed ‘metamorphosis.'”
  11. “Craft a dialogue between two characters who discuss the hidden stories behind the objects they see in the image, guided by the seed ‘curiosity.'”
  12. “Write a short story that merges the worlds of fantasy and reality, alluding to a ‘portal’ found in the image.”
  13. “Use the seed ‘reflection’ to inspire a monologue from a character who contemplates their life journey while observing the scene.”
  14. “Imagine the image as a scene from a sci-fi novel. Develop an intriguing plot around the concept of ‘time manipulation’ as suggested by the seed.”
  15. “Capture the essence of ‘solitude’ through a series of black and white photographs, each reflecting a different aspect of the image.”
  16. “Craft a dialogue between a guide and a group of tourists who embark on an adventure to uncover the ‘forgotten history’ within the image.”
  17. “Compose a song inspired by the image’s atmosphere, using the seed ‘echoes’ to explore themes of memories and echoes of the past.”
  18. “Write a narrative poem that tells the story of a traveler’s encounter with a mythical creature in the image’s enchanted forest, guided by the seed ‘connection.'”
  19. “Create a minimalist digital painting that focuses on the image’s smallest details, inspired by the concept of ‘microcosms’ as your seed.”
  20. “Craft a short story that takes place in the world depicted in the image, exploring the ‘harmony’ between humans and nature as driven by the seed.”



The Midjourney’s use of seeds acts as an effective catalyst to unleash boundless creativity and expression. These seeds, when carefully chosen as themes, emotions, or thoughts, offer a rigid yet adaptable foundation that improves the link between visual stimulus and creative output. Users of Seeds go on one-of-a-kind, narrated adventures through a universe of visually inspiring imagery, promoting a variety of interpretations, thought-provoking stories, and powerful art. The synergy between seeds and images not only enhances the creative experience, but highlights the platform’s ability to stimulate artistic growth and innovation, making the mid-journey an engaging place where creativity thrives in harmony with inspiration. I’m in the area.


1. What exactly are Midjourney prompt seeds? 

Midjourney seeds are individual words, phrases, or concepts that you choose to guide your creative direction. They provide a focused starting point that enhances your imagination and helps you interpret and respond to images in unique ways. 

  2. How do I create a seed for a prompt?  

Creating a seed involves choosing a word or concept that resonates with an image or evokes a certain feeling or idea. Look at the image, identify themes or elements that stand out, and create a summary seed that captures the essence of what you see or feel. 

  3. Can I use multiple seeds for one prompt?  

While the main idea is to use one seed per image to guide your creative approach, you can experiment with multiple seeds to see how they inspire different creative outcomes. However, using too many seeds can dilute the concentrated effect that the seeds are intended to provide.  

 4. Are there recommended seeds for different creative products? 

The seeds are versatile and adaptable and suitable for various creative forms such as writing, art and music. Different types of seeds, such as emotional, thematic or question seeds, can work for very different creative results, but ultimately it depends on your preferences and goals. 

  5. Can I change my seed in the middle of the creation process?  

While the seeds are meant to guide your creative exploration, adapt and change your approach if your creative process takes an unexpected turn. Flexibility is the key and sometimes changing the seed can lead to surprising and innovative results.

Rohan Pradhan

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